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Dear visitor!

Gulyás Andrea

Hungary, also known as: Pannonia: the land of paprika, puszta, peaches, plums, piano music, the city of Pécs….; a paradise full of ’plus’!

No matter it’ll be your first visit to Hungary, or you may have visited it before – or perhaps you are even living here permanently; anyhow, the country remains fascinating, again and again!

Hungary offers a lot of undiscovered gems and unknown spots, while at the same time it can proudly look back to an interesting history, and is blessed with a rich culture and very varied landscapes.

For sure, you will know most of the world famous attractions, but there is so much more to discover! Objects not well-known to the majority of tourists, both in Budapest and on the countryside, still waiting to be discovered.... by you!

Besides, the country’s rich history becomes more vivid, only after one will get some help by a guide to show the connections and structure and relations with the wealthy cultures that all influenced Hungary’s present state of being.

I am pleased to show you around to get to know Hungary, my home country, better; especially the southwestern part of the country, the region of South Transdanubia, including its main centre, the beautiful city of Pécs.

My name is Andrea Gulyás, official and registered tourguide in Hungary. Born in Tatabánya (NW-Hungary), I studied in Budapest and after staying for a couple of years in The Netherlands, I returned to what we call Magyarország, the Country of the Magyars. Together with my Dutch partner, we live and work just outside Pécs, in the county of Baranya, the most sunny, sub-Mediterranean part of Hungary.

I do like travelling and discovering new spots. I like sharing my experiences and knowledge of Hungary, its landscapes, culture, history and even a bit of its language; please, allow me to show it to you and let me be your tourguide!

My small travel agency and I can offer a wide range of different programmes, both ready made, standard excursions, but also tailor made programmes – all to be arranged and planned in cooperation with you, according to your personal wishes.

First of all, there are several city tours in Pécs, whether on food or by a rented – or your private – bus, or with other means of transport. Apart from these trips - taking a couple of hours, or a full day - there is the possibility for guided hiking or walking in the mountaineous and hilly forests of the Mecsek and Zselic areas, visitng one or more of the several famous spas in SW-Hungary, or to have some wine tasting in the endless cellars of the beloved wine regions. Apart from that, there are also several excursions of one day, visiting the countryside and some ancient towns, castles and other attractions; but there are also small bike tours, boat trips or we can visit other parts of Hungary, including Budapest.

Our focus is on the Southwestern part of Hungary, but of course we can make plans for other regions, too. Just contact us and let us know what are your wishes and we will do the utmost to make your trip unforgettable.

Next to travelling around, we can also help arranging for the accommodation and apart from the hotels, campsides and hostels around, you will find some traditional Hungarian cottages for rent on our website!

A viszontlátásra Magyarországon! See you in Hungary!

Your Hungarian tourguide,

Andrea Gulyás

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